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Oh my god! by Aimee Friedland

Fuck the learning environment and all those teachers who tell me I won't be desirable to colleges unless I smother myself in AP next year. Taking four right now, I've become the most rigid little beauty- I drive myself to tears on a regular basis because I don't want to end up another aimless high school graduate attending a local community/state college. From an early age I was told that I was smarter than that, and although I teeter in the top 3% of my class, I wish more than anything that my future wasn't dictated by this percentage. I no longer crave the top schools that will guarantee me the most academic prestige, I want to live and pursue what I am most passionate about. When I had nothing else to dedicate myself to I could lust over straight A's and Harvard, and judging by my rigorous schedule you'd think I'm still like that. The teachers don't understand that I have so much ambition that's getting lost in the AP classes I take.
I don't want to be a brainiac-- I have more sense than most 20 year olds.
Just wait 'till I'm living comfortably and fabulously without America's twisted priorities. I have a plan, I trust myself, and that's more powerful than any test score.

(c) Aimee Friedland