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Prized Meat by Aimee Friedland

In the last two months I have received an astonishing number of emails and letters from colleges. Unfortunately, I destroy most of the invitations on sight, but just to give you an idea, here are some of the schools that have solicited me:

Washington University in St. Louis
American University
Trinity University
Washington and Lee University
University of Denver
Loyola University
Emory University
University of Tulsa
Evenson College
Lewis and Clark College
Westminster College
Hollins University
Georgetown University
Colorado College
King’s College
University of the Pacific
Kalamazoo College
Beloit College
University of Rochester
Lafayette College
Kenyon College
Collins College
Rhodes College
Washington State University
Willamette University
St. John’s College
Concordia University
Roanoke College
Rocky Mountain College
College of Santa Fe
Carnegie Mellon University
Dickinson College
Arcadia University
Honolulu University
Hope College
College of the Atlantic
Texas Christian University
Brigham Young University
University of Southern California

... Not even joking. Isn't that ridiculous?

Of course I have no such plans for these institutions.
My current picks are:
-Smolny College in St. Petersburg, Russia
-Anglo-americká vysoká škola in Prague, Czech Republic
-University of Chicago in... Chicago
-Jagiellonian University (Center for European Studies) in Krakow, Poland
-Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow, Russia
-University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia
-Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia

I shall accept outside suggestions :-)
(c) Aimee Friedland