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Screwed! by aimee friedland

I am so through with this. All of this. I hate all of the choices I have made and I realize that coming to Russia was the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I could turn back now, but I can't. University is starting, and if I want to transfer to anywhere in the States I need to at least finish my second semester.

At this moment I can confidently say that I truly do hate my life. I am looking for a room to rent somewhere, but there seems to be nothing available. And I can't afford a full apartment, let alone one that is actually in the city. Oh, and the SPbGU dorms are overbooked. Absolutely no space.

I've screwed myself over in so many ways, it's not even funny. Right now I wish I could just be an average American college student, no, an unaverage American college student, studying at NYU, prancing around in the Village with my fags and partying it up Shortbus-style on the weekends. Oh.. and of course, the academics. Lately I've been drooling over one professor from NYU's Slavic Studies program who has conducted some great research on gender and sexuality studies in the former USSR.

Anyway, I do like adventure and I do like Russia and the culture associated with it, but the conditions I am facing right now are just ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is they could have been prevented.

This is all my fault.