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About me: Aimee Friedland
Allow me to introduce myself!
I'm Aimee Rae Friedland. Originally from Tucson, AZ but have been living in St. Petersburg, Russia for the past year and a half
I am an [undergrad] student at St. Petersburg State University in coalition with Bard College. I wanted to transfer to either Bard or NYU for the 2007-2008 academic year, but I was rejected. So at this point it looks like wherever I go, I will have to enroll in a community college, and then hopefully transfer to a state school after a year --

(for more regarding this, check here, here and here).

Where do I go? Currently I live in a city of almost 5 million, which is too much for me. However, I would like to remain in a semi-cosmopolitan environment, if at all possible. Also it would be wonderful if I could find Russians and other Eastern Europeans to communicate with.

More about me: I'm a member of the "LGBT" community and would like to live in a city with lots of opportunities for meeting others like me, I love writing and filmmaking (both of which I need to improve upon), and lastly - I'm poor! I live off of $500 a month in Russia, which includes rent, transportation, food, and entertainment. I know that this won't fly in America.. but if possible it'd be nice to live somewhere where I won't have to starve to pay the bills.

Thank you!

More about me

When I was younger I used to enjoy watching re-runs of the 70’s “Dating Game” Show. Three nearly identical blondes would sit on one side of the daisy-wallpapered divider as a charming young man interviewed them from the other side.
“Contestant Number 1: What qualities do you look for in a man?”
“Contestant Number 2: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Now remember, we’re on national television here!”
The crowd chortles insinuatingly.
At the end of the show, the lucky bachelor chooses his dream date from the three contestants and the two are forced to spend a magically contrived or just plain debauch evening together.

I wonder, if dating really is a game, then what is prize? True love? Mutually bearable relations? A lucrative prenuptial agreement?

Whatever the case, it all starts with sex and humanity’s desire to recreate, even if it’s no longer facilitated by the necessity to procreate. Sex itself is good, of course, but can lead to such nasty things as “herpes, gonorrhea, and something called relationships.” These were the wise words of Ali G on one momentous segment of Da Ali G show, and in the spirit of his teachings I am determined to create a device that will someday act as an “emotional contraceptive,” protecting against the disease we call Love.

I know that I shouldn’t be so cynical. In fact, I’m not really cynical at all; merely my inner-dreamer has been beaten down by a stick, caught the flu and will be bedridden for the next three months while it nurses itself back to health.

I suppose it was doomed from the very beginning. At first, Aimee just wanted a tasty piece of ass. One bite and she was hooked - now Aimee wants the whole fucking pie.

Stupid girl; none of this would have happened if she had played it safe and kept her guard up. But, knowing me, that is virtually impossible - I wear my heart on my sleeve and the key to my chastity belt conveniently hanging ‘round my neck. Sometimes I may act a bit predatory, but in reality all I want to do is love and be loved. In my quests I have looked near and far, up skirts and down shirts, through the World Wide Web and under my bed…

And the results keep coming up the same: they say you, you, you. Aimee-dear, you are screwed.

(c) 2007 Aimee Rae Friedland